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Showcase: Eleven Sculptors, Eight Days, Amazing Works

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by Rebecca Falzano

A preview of the talent behind the second annual J.C. Stone Sculpture Symposium

Maine's diverse geology has cultivated a thriving stone industry. For a century and a half, stone from Maine—limestone, granite, slate—has been shipped overseas to create architectural elements like building ornaments and columns. To honor Maine’s robust history with stone, supplier and fabricator J.C. Stone, Inc., based in Jefferson, organized a sculpture symposium last year. The goal was simple: showcase Maine stone carved by Maine artists.

Slippery Rock Gazette: The Little Arboretum that Could

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It’s the grand opening of a grand idea,” an email from friend and Artist Andreas von Huene said. “A team of us have been working to put the Viles on the map as an outdoor sculpture park, and you’re invited to attend the reception.”

Hugh Lassen speaks to the crowd about his sculpture “Seed Form,” made from Glacial Erratic, during the trail tour.It wasn’t until later that I found out that the Viles in the email was actually the Viles Arboretum– a collection of trees and botanical gardens in Augusta, Maine, and on Saturday, June 8, 2013, the grand opening of the newly created sculpture trail at the Viles Arboretum was held.

MASONRY: Case Study: Wet-Polisher Makes Sculpting Four Tons of Granite Smooth

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Imagine a four-ton piece of granite in front of you. To some it may seem like a barrier, an obstacle to overcome. To others, it is merely a piece of stone, or a slice of heaven waiting to be cut into. David Sywalski, an artist who works with the LaFollette Design Group in Cherryfield, Maine, sees this piece of granite as a canvas with which he can create art. ...