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Sculpture Installation "Thinker" a new granite piece made for the MDI Bio Lab "Art Meets Science 2014"

Posted on 6/25/2014 by David Sywalski

Yesterday 6/25/2014 I finished the last of the big sculptures, my "Thinker", for the "Art Meets Science 2014" show for the MDI Bio-Lab. I was going to deliver tomorrow but it is supposed to rain all day tomorrow. So today seemed like a better idea, it felt and looked like it was going to rain....but I brought my raincoat........

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"Art Meets Science 2014" Sculpture Installation MDI Biology Lab

Posted on 6/20/2014 by David Sywalski

This is the third sculpture to be installed for the fast approaching opening for the show. Just one more to finish and to be delivered next week. The following photos show the series of steps involved for installation.

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Behind the scenes at the studio 01

Posted on 6/15/2014 by David Sywalski

So today I had to decide where the sculpture would be placed on the pedestal. The bushing is already installed in the sculpture and I needed to figure out where to locate the pin location in the pedestal. The following photos show the sequence of lifting steps needed to figure out where to simply drill a hole.

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"Art Meets Science 2014" Pinning the Sculptures to the Pedestals

Posted on 6/12/2014 by David Sywalski

This is a detail of the Jonesboro Red Granite. I really like this material it is a true granite quite nice to work, holds a great polish. This piece of stone was given to me by J.C. Stone.

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"Art Meets Science 2014" Installation May 21st 2014

Posted on 5/22/2014 by David Sywalski

Installing the first two sculptures for the fast approaching show....The rain managed to stop after all of the work was done of course!

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"Art Meets Science 2014" at the Mount Desert Island Biological Laboratory

Posted on 4/16/2014 by David Sywalski

This is going to be a new stone sculpture "Thinker" piece for the "Art Meets Science" show later this summer in 2014 that I have been invited to exhibit at by the Art in Public Spaces (AiPS)

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Schoodic International Sculptors Symposium

Posted on 1/30/2009 by Equatek Host in Symposium Sculptors Schoodic International Sculptors Symposium

"Coming to Maine for the past few years to participate in the International Sculpture Symposium has always been a treat for me." Says David Sywalski, Director and Founder of Hanumann Studios. Working with the amazing sculptors who come from all around the world to share their unique techniques, and amazing talent with each other will transfix you as they turn blocks of granite into a towering works of art.

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