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Behind the scenes at the studio 01

Posted on 6/15/2014 by David Sywalski

So today I had to decide where the sculpture would be placed on the pedestal. The bushing is already installed in the sculpture and I needed to figure out where to locate the pin location in the pedestal. The following photos show the sequence of lifting steps needed to figure out where to simply drill a hole.

I have to stand the piece on its bottom to do this I have several moving operations. The crane tail end of the boom truck is backed up close to the upside down head sculpture. I have a diamond core drill bit mounted on a Metabo wet polisher. The core bit is 1 1/2 inches it allows for 1/16" for the marine epoxy around the pin. The oak wood block allows me to drill a plumb hole. I am simply going to stand on the block to keep it secure during the drilling, I have made a drilling block for each core bit size that I have. I have also made some drilling blocks that I can adjust to very specific angles as I need. This sculpture actually has a 2 degree tilt forward.