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"Art Meets Science 2014" Pinning the Sculptures to the Pedestals

Posted on 6/12/2014 by David Sywalski

This is a detail of the Jonesboro Red Granite. I really like this material it is a true granite quite nice to work, holds a great polish. This piece of stone was given to me by J.C. Stone.

Pretty self explanatory here, the bronze bushing is getting glued into the sculpture square to the bottom. I am using three wedges in  roughly an equilateral triangle formation to center the bushing (a good use of geometry here) and to hold it firmly as the marine epoxy has a 24 hour cure time. I have done this for both sculptures. I had to set the piece upside down of course to glue in the bushing I wish I had leveled it a bit more so the epoxy was perfect.I also have picked up a few gifts from Rockport Granite (in Rockport Maine) on the truck is two pieces of black granite (worth its weight in gold) and a sizable piece of Deer Isle granite, on the left.....I am not sure that Josh knows that I have that piece However he did say that nothing was off limits and to get another piece. Thank you Josh. I have work now on planning what these are going to turn into................................................................Sculptures Of course!I have also finished a little piece the one in the center is a piece of  very hard Quartzite. It is now at the Deer Isle Gallery on display.